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Being a Realtor or a Broker and running a real estate company was never on John’s ‘career list’. It all started when John and his wife (Lindsay Reuter) found themselves just going to open houses and the Parade of Homes for fun after they bought their first home. After doing for a little while, John and Lindsay got the idea that since they just like looking at homes they should get their real estate license to help their friends and family and it all has been a crazy journey from there. John was full time in the Air National Guard, so in addition to helping friends and family he wanted to be able to help other Veterans like himself when they buy or sell a home. He aligned himself with the Homes for Heroes Program. The program fit everything John was looking for. It gave back to Heroes that served the community, had a non-profit that could help Heroes in need of assistance, and the company values aligned with everything John stood for. PLUS the program not only rewarded military, but law enforcement, fire, medical professionals, and teachers. As John was having fun helping friends, family, and co-workers his real estate business started to grow exponentially as others heard of his integrity, hard work, and dedication to his clients. As John grew, he knew his business had to as well if he wanted to continue to give great service. He created The Reuter Team, which was a group of Realtor’s that wanted to help clients and serve Heroes. After leading The Reuter Team for a few years, John then decided it was time to start their own real estate brokerage. In 2020 John founded Integrity Homes of Wisconsin. The mission statement of Integrity Homes is to provide exceptional service to our clients and everyone we come in contact with, have the highest level of professionalism and integrity, give back to the community, and reward the Heroes that serve in our community.

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